Jul 14, 2022 • 21M

Ron DeSantis took money from you and gave it to businesses. And you didn’t even notice.

The story of how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis teamed up with a bunch of business lobbyists to pull off a reverse Robin Hood and kept everyone distracted while he did it. Plus: A tax break for junk mail.

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"Rent-seeking" is a term in economics that describes when a corporation uses its political influence to twist tax laws and other public policy in its favor. Seeking Rents – The Podcast brings you the stories of how that's happening in Florida, where corporate interests like Florida Power & Light, Big Sugar, and Walt Disney World wield enormous influence everywhere from local city halls to the state Capitol. Hosted by award-winning journalist Jason Garcia, Florida's leading corporate-accountability reporter.
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In this episode: A little over one year ago, Ron DeSantis signed one of the most divisive and polarizing pieces of legislation of his first term as Florida governor. And then, while everyone was focused on that fight, DeSantis quietly signed another bill: One that increased taxes on Floridians by more than $1 billion a year... and gave all that money to businesses. (Transcript)

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