When do we get to see the names of the companies? Would be pretty cool to do a map of them.

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Alas, Florida law keeps company-specific details about corporate taxes secret. So we can't find out details like how much a company actually pays or whether it pays anything at all, what tax breaks it uses, or even whether it filed tax return -- including these information returns. So there's no way for the public to identify who complied with this law and who did not.

There's flickering movement for state corporate tax disclosure, or "corporate tax transparency," in other parts of the country. California passed a bill a couple of years ago (but Gavin Newsom vetoed it), and last year there was an attempted ballot campaign in Massachusetts (it didn't make the ballot) and a bill filed in Oregon (it didn't pass).

This is a few years old, but the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, which advocates for stronger corporate taxes, makes the case for corporate tax disclosure here: https://itep.org/state-corporate-tax-disclosure-why-its-needed-1/

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Was thinking the warning-notice mailing list might be a shot but I can see how that would be exempted too.

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