Yeah, well - let's not forget that the goal of dictators is not to help the people - or the environment that sustains them.

All in the name of Authoritarianism. The agenda is one of power which corrupts the truth and destroys the future at the expense of anyone who questions or stands in the way of their insatiable greed.

"DeSantis’s agenda in Florida is evidence that the Republican shift in this direction is continuing, maybe even accelerating. He has shown little interest in moderation or consensus-building instead centering his governing philosophy on using policy to own the libs. While Trump may have been an ideological catalyst for the GOP’s authoritarian lurch, DeSantis is showing how it could actually be implemented in practice. The consequences for democracy in Florida, and America in general, could be dire."


"In such an existential struggle, the old norms of tolerance and limited government need to be adjusted, tailored to a world where the left controls the commanding heights of culture. Since the left can’t be beaten in that realm, government must be seized and wielded in service of a right-wing cultural agenda."


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Please stop using lobby in place of bribe

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The current 60-day session will go down in state history as one of the most punitive, heavy-handed authoritarian attacks on democracy. DeSantis has proven himself to be a wanna-be dictator.

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