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How Ron DeSantis helps the billionaires who help him

How Ron DeSantis helps the billionaires who help him

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has spent years courting the billionaires and big-dollar donors he's counting on to finance his presidential campaign

In this episode: With his eye on the American presidency, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has spent the past four years courting the billionaires and big-dollar donors he hopes will bankroll a national campaign. DeSantis has hosted private receptions at the Governor’s Mansion and planned $100,000 rounds of golf. But he’s also granted policy favors that have helped some of the world’s richest people — often at the expense of workers and consumers. Today, we look at three examples from Florida’s just-concluded legislative session involving space moguls, baseball owners and car dealers.

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Seeking Rents
Seeking Rents – The Podcast
"Rent-seeking" is a term in economics that describes when a corporation uses its political influence to twist tax laws and other public policy in its favor. Seeking Rents – The Podcast brings you the stories of how that's happening in Florida, where corporate interests like Florida Power & Light, Big Sugar, and Walt Disney World wield enormous influence everywhere from local city halls to the state Capitol. Hosted by award-winning journalist Jason Garcia, Florida's leading corporate-accountability reporter.