This state is rotting from the inside out. So tired of watching the damage & hardship DeathSantis & his GOP lapdogs are causing, & how they’re using divisive, ugly & corrupt politics to do it

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Florida deserves the government that it voted for I suppose, but it is incredibly sad to see the state that my family has called home since at least 1840 destroyed at such a rapid pace. The accelerating decline began when Floridians apparently elected pRick Scott to be our Governor, despite the fact that he had coordinated the theft of ~$75 billion from the poor, the sick, and the elderly in the biggest medicare/medicaid fraud scheme in US history. Scott's criminal gang, the Republican Party of Florida, moved quickly to lock in their power and silence all dissent by illegally gerrymandering a permanent majority for their gang. They have stolen billions from Floridians and wasted billions more enriching their friends and relatives with taxpayer funds, all the while chipping away at our rights and our ability to do anything to stop them. Every elected Republican in Florida's state government should probably be in prison, but they will never be held to account. Just like Rick Scott, they will never even be charged for their massive crimes simply because they are rich, white Republicans.

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I know this is probably outside your geographic area, our beloved Florida, but I just read this in Joyce Vance’s Substack about the Texas judge ruling on Mifepristone :” Kacsmaryk also redacted the source of between $5 million and $25 million in common stock he holds on his 2020 and 2021 disclosure reports. Redactions aren’t permitted unless disclosure would “endanger” a judge or a family member. The Judge appears to be a Publix heir, but it’s unclear what the stock he’s concealing is.”

Julie Fanelli,Publix heiress and Fl resident, is a big Repub donor and J6 supporter. Follow the $$$$


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