The Trade Show (2023 ed.), Vol. 3

January 2023

The Trade Show (2023 ed.), Vol. 2
Gov. Ron DeSantis and state lawmakers gave a tax break to a small group of multinational giants — even though they had no idea how much that tax break…
The Trade Show (2023 ed.), Vol. 1
Florida's Republican leaders passed controversial laws weakening transparency around private family trusts — which records suggest may have been a favor…
Emails show a top DeSantis aide worked on a proposed tax break that could have saved the Walt Disney Co. tens of millions of dollars.

December 2022

Stopping corporate tax cuts, saving minimum wage laws, and consequences for public corruption: An encouraging end-of-the-year list.
Gov. DeSanta Claus delivers a Christmas gift to the insurance industryListen now (25 min) | Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just bet that higher prices and weaker consumer protections can save a collapsing market for home…
Exploiting parts of a law meant to help struggling communities, Osceola County commissioners will vote Monday on a plan that will steer millions to a…
Florida's governor just signed the most sweeping restrictions on civil lawsuits in Florida since Jeb Bush was in office.
The cost of Florida's failure to close corporate tax loopholes.

November 2022

Gas-station lobbyists urged Florida's governor not to push criminal penalties for stations that failed to pass tax savings on to Florida drivers during…